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Ionizadores de aire

  • Car Air Ionizer

    Our ECT Car is a negative ion generator capable of neutralizing dust, unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke, and other airborne pollutants from your vehicle that may expose you or any of your passengers to potential health threats. This compact, lightweight device comes equipped with an aromatherapy cartridge of lavender and peppermint which combines with negative ions to relieve stress and physical fatigue as well as to promote concentration and relaxation during your journeys.

  • Desktop Air Ionizer

    Our ECT Desk is a negative ion generator capable of removing airborne particles, unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke while releasing a large number of negative ions to help improve not only your air quality, but also your blood circulation, learning and work efficiency. This compact, fully portable device can be carried with you wherever you go, specially to your office or study room, as well as it fends off harmful electromagnetic waves from any other electronic device.